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Who we are:

We are pet owners.  We LOVE our cats!  We are surrounded by cats at home and in our retail stores.  Like all the products we sell in our stores, America's Best Corn Cob Cat Litter by Vetbasis is a natural, functional product and is designed to support the healthy elimination needs of the cat(s), comfort of the owners, and to meet a necessary daily need.  We are committed to providing a quality, environmentally friendly litter that promotes happy, healthy cats and healthy people.

About our product:

America's Best Corn Cob Cat  Litter by Vetbasis is  made in America from ground corn cobs, is clumping, long lasting, dust free, and offers superb odor control. It is eco-friendly, and manufactured with environmental sustainability in mind. It does not form hard clumps on a cat's feet, nor does it stick to the box. Many of our customers even report flushing the litter.  With regular scooping, the litter will stay clean and it is not necessary to change it unless a cat is ill or the owner prefers to freshen the box with a new bag.

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