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What is  Herbal Cat  litter by Vetbasis?

Herbal  Cat litter by Vetbasis is America's Best Corn Cob Cat Litter made from ground corn cobs with a light lavender scent.  

Is it a clumping/scoopable litter?

Yes, Herbal  Cat litter by Vetbasis forms light clumps that are easily scooped.  Scooping daily ensures a cleaner, better performing, longer lasting litter. 

Will Herbal Cat  Litter by Vetbasis stick to my cats paws or produce dust?

No, since  Herbal Cat Litter by Vetbasis is a corn cob litter, it does not produce the dust that many clay litters produce, and while no litter is immune to tracking, Vetbasis forms firm clumps, and reduces litter tracking.  A thick rug or a litter mat helps to reduce tracking.  There are occasions when a cat has a mobility issue and stepping in wet litter will stick to the cat.  In those cases, we recommend pellet litters, especially Naturally Fresh Walnut Pellet Litter.

Is there an easy way to change my cat's litter?

Yes!  Pour your new litter in another litter box, a plastic container, or even a box lid.  Place the new litter near your current litter.  Your cat will choose!  If the cat does not prefer the new litter, chances are he/she will not use it.  But if your cat uses the new litter for a few days, then you can begin to add the new litter to your old litter OR simply do away with the old litter and replace your cat's regular box with the new litter.  Oh, and cats LOVE big boxes, it's actually healthy for their urinary system and they prefer having wider spaces to eliminate.  If or when they don't have enough room, it can cause urinary issues over time.  Explore some ideas on the best litter box for your cat here.

Is it eco-friendly?

Herbal Cat Litter by Vetbasis is very environmentally conscious. It contains no harmful by products and is completely biodegradable. It is manufactured in the USA from US grown corn cobs with the most sustainable practices in mind.  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request.

Is it safe for my cats?

Not only is it safe, but it is comforting! The soft litter is great for cats tender paws, and it creates no dust, saving cats and people alike from respiratory complications. It contains no silica or sodium bentonite, and it is veterinarian recommended!  Since it is made from ground corn cobs, it has small particles that can get lodged in declawed cat's paws so a pellet type litter may be a better fit for a declawed cat.

Are there other formulas?

An unscented version is coming soon!

How long will it last?

An average cat will use 5.5 lbs of  Herbal Cat Litter by Vetbasis  in one month; this means that one 15 lb. bag of Herbal Cat Litter  by  Vetbasis may last nearly three months for one cat!

What if my cat or I hate the litter?

No problem, Vetbasis guarantees the 100% satisfaction of the litter and honors a money back guarantee.

Where can I purchase the litter?

Purchase at

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